Larksville Borough

Regular Meeting

October 19, 2021


I.          Call to Order

II.        Roll Call

III.       New Business

  1.  Motion to approve the resolution for the asset purchase agreement with WVSA.
  2. Motion to approve a resolution for PennDOT Multimodal Transportation grant in the amount of $512,394.05 for curbs, sidewalks, and ADA ramps on Nesbitt Street.
  3. Motion to accept bids for Romanoskey Park for $203,000.00 and Washington Park at $61,000.00
  4. Motion to direct our solicitor to look into the ambulance services.

IV.       Approval of Minutes from previous meeting September 21, 2021, meeting.

V.        Correspondence

VI.       Officer Reports

            A.        Mayor

            B.        Solicitor

            C.        Fire Chief

            D.        EMA

            E.         Ambulance

            F.         Recreation

            G.        Sewer Committee

            H.        Road Department

            I.          Engineer

            J.          Code Officer

VII.     Public Comments

VIII.    Recess for Executive Session

IX.       Unfinished Business

  1. Motion to approve the zoning change from an R2 to a mixed use (R2/Neighborhood business) on E Luzerne Ave.
  2. Motion to appoint Recreation Board members.

X.        Pay bill when funds are available

XI.       Adjournment

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