Larksville Borough
Regular Meeting
June 21, 2022

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting May 24, 2022

IV. Correspondence

V. Officer Reports
A. Mayor
B. Solicitor
C. Fire Chief
E. Ambulance
F. Recreation
G. Sewer Committee
H. Road Department
I. Engineer
J. Code Officer

VI. Public Comments

VII. Recess for Executive Session

VIII. Unfinished Business

  1. Motion to transfer DPW truck 2006 GMC to Kyle Castner

IX. New Business

  1. Motion to accept the resignation of Officer Conforti effective 6/22/2022
  2. Motion to hire John Wilkes as a part time fire engineer
  3. Motion to accept the minutes from the planning committee meeting

X. Pay bill when funds are available

XI. Adjournment

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