Larksville Borough
Regular Meeting
September 13, 2022


I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting August 16, 2022, and emergency meeting on August 26, 2022.

IV. Correspondence

V. Officer Reports
A. Mayor
B. Solicitor
C. Fire Chief
E. Ambulance
F. Recreation
G. Sewer Committee
H. Road Department
I. Engineer
J. Code Officer

VI. Public Comments

VII. Recess for Executive Session

VIII. Unfinished Business

  • Motion to pave Weavertown Road in the amount of $25,208.96. 
  • Motion to move Officer Wolfsberger to the starting salary of a patrolman effective August 27, 2022.

IX. New Business

  • Motion to hire part time fire engineer, Christopher Halecki, Ryan Kairo, and Caden Schiel
  • Motion to pay out a $15,000 retention bonus to all current police officers with a retention agreement; to be paid in two installments; 1st payment asap in the amount of $7,500, and 2nd payment in the amount of $7,500 to be paid one year from the first payment date
  • Motion to offer all new police officers a $8,000 sign on bonus to be paid: $4,000 upon hire, next $4,000 after 3 years with a retention agreement
  • Motion to approve resolutions for LSA grants; $140,183.00 for a dump truck and $424,000.00 for a fire truck
  • Motion to pay by ACH $200 for LSA application fee, $100 each
  • Motion to hire Thomas Brannon as a full time DPW worker per Bob Cunningham
  • Motion that Council review and acknowledge the MMO worksheets for the Larksville Borough Pension Plan(s)
  • Motion to approve applications for permit transfer to PA DEP and authorize execution of the application
  • Motion to amend the agenda to include to hire Christopher Baranski as a full time DPW worker
  • Motion to amend the agenda to include the opening and acceptance of bids for Barney Street in accordance to the grant and subject to the engineer and solicitors’ review

X. Pay bill when funds are available

XI. Adjournment

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